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International Night for Malaysia Armed Forces Staff College

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The International Night for the Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College was held on Monday 26 November 2018 at the Malaysian Armed Forces Officers Mess. In this annual event the military officers studying at the Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College showcase their country’s culture.

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This year, two Fijian military officers are studying at the college. The Mission’s staff and the Fijian community in Malaysia provided the necessary support and assistance to the two Fijian military officers during this event. This included setting up and decorating the Fiji stall, preparing national lovo food (chicken, dalo, kokoda, palusami), which were displayed at the stall for tasting, preparing and serving of yaqona, managing the Fiji stall and attending the function. The Fiji stall also showcased the cultural artefacts and Fijian made products.

The Fijian military officers, were dressed up in the Fijian traditional costumes and had the honour to escort the Guest of Honour, Commandant of the Staff College, from the main entrance to the podium. They also performed the “Cibi’ to welcome the Guest of Honour.It was well evident in this occasion that the two Fijian Military officers were the main centre of attention because of their unique costume and the “Cibi” performance.

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