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Lunch Meeting with the Ambassadors of Norway and Sweden



On 20 November 2018, High Commissioner had a lunch meeting with the Ambassadors of Norway and Sweden. The lunch was hosted by the Ambassador of Norway. High Commissioner and the Ambassador of Sweden have been working collaboratively on Ocean Advocacy since the Oceans Conference last year. The Ambassador of Norway therefore wanted to share some information about Norway’s efforts to promote sustainable use of the oceans. She shared that the Norwegian Prime Minister has made it very clear that Norway should take a leading role with regards to oceans.

Norway’s Prime Minister also has a leading role on the Secretary General’s high-level SDG advocacy panel – where oceans are crucial. The Norwegian PM has initiated a high-level panel on sustainable ocean economy.

The following countries are in the panel: Portugal, Japan, Indonesia, Fiji, Palau, Australia, Ghana, Namibia, Guinea, Jamaica, Mexico. The initiative was launched on 25 January 2018. The panel had started its work in the first half of 2018 and will continue until 2020.

A key deliverable is the report on the importance of the ocean economy for sustainable development. The panel is working closely with the UN and engaging with other international initiatives in this field. The Ambassador of Norway also mentioned that Norway will host the international Our (Norway) Ocean Conference in 2019.