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Fiji - Thailand Relationship

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Fiji established formal diplomatic relations with Thailand in December 1972.

This existing relation was further enhanced with the accreditation to Thailand of the Fiji High Commissioner and the Fiji Mission in Malaysia. This establishment was reciprocated with the accreditation of the non-resident Ambassador and the Royal Thai Embassy in Australia to Fiji.

In the expanse of development cooperation between Fiji and Thailand, the Thailand government through the Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) has over the years offered training courses and scholarships for capacity development of Fiji citizens. The short term capacity development courses offered by Thailand are in the areas of agriculture and procurement.  Thailand has also provided scholarships for Fiji citizens to pursue high degree such as Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Studies and Masters in Nursing Science in Nursing Administration. Candidates that have acquired these scholarships have graduated with such high degree. 

Cordial relations and exchanges between the two governments are through delegation visits to explore investment opportunities namely in the tourism and trade sectors. Likewise, Thailand has in the past requested for Fiji’s support to its candidatures that stands for elections in positions at international organisations.