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 High Commission to Malaysia


Role of the Mission

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The Mission is tasked with the implementation of Government’s Foreign Policy in its countries of accreditation, to promote and advance Fiji’s national interests, security and ideological goals including political and economic relations, through the promotion and service of the various bilateral, regional and multilateral Conventions, Treaties and Agreements. The Mission undertakes this by:

i Advancing and protecting Fiji’s political and security interest through its membership and proactive participation in appropriate fora and agencies of the United Nations and relevant international and regional organizations;
ii Facilitating the negotiation of sound bilateral agreements with Malaysia and Thailand in order to secure favourable trade and market access, tourism, investment, technology transfer and development;
Raising Fiji’s profile through Trade Fairs and Shows, Cultural Events and through Sports Diplomacy;                                                   
iv Diplomatic obligations are accorded to the Diplomatic Community in Malaysia under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relation (1961) and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (1963) in order to enhance Fiji’s Diplomatic Relations and international standing. In addition, the Mission provides appropriate consular services to potential visitors to Fiji and Fijians in the region; and
v Planning and coordinating attendance at regional and international conferences in Malaysia, Thailand and UNESCAP where Fiji Government representatives and/ or the Mission are represented.

The Mission is also an important player in the quality and effective implementation of initiatives and strategies of the various Outputs in our Strategic Plan and Operation Plan. The Mission is also tasked to ensure the safe custody and the effective and efficient use of all resources under its charge.