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With Malaysia


MTCP is a bilateral Technical Cooperation Programme  that  shares development experience with other developing countries  including Fiji.

The Technical Cooperation Programme was “ based  on the belief that Human development is a vital catalyst for countries to achieve sustainable economic and social development  resources “

The programme provides various forms of technical cooperation in areas where Malaysia has the experience and expertise.  It emphasizes the development of Human Resources and Capacity building through the provision of training in various areas which are essential for a country’s development such as Science and Engineering , Agriculture and Fisheries , Economics and Islamic Finance , Information and Communication Technology , Biotechnology, Bio-Security and Food Safety , Infrastructure and Utility, Environmental Studies Governance and Health not including nursing, medicine, clinical pharmacy, public administration, poverty alleviation, investment promotion, English Language, Diplomacy, Library & Archives.

MTCP implements several cooperation programmes; training in both short and long term courses;  advisory services through the despatch of experts;  project type assistance which include the provision of equipment and assistance in-kind on a highly selective and case by case basis, and long term fellowship and scholarship for degree courses at Malaysian Public Universities. 

About 400 Fijian civil servants have participated in MTCP since its inception in 1980,

For detail information on application process  at website; http://mtcp.kln.gov.my


The Fiji Government acknowledged with gratitude the enduring gesture of friendship  that have significantly spurred the deep and warm comradeship between the Malaysian  Defence Forces resulting in the training of RFMF and Fiji Navy Officers in Malaysia from 1978 till today.  

Prior to establishment of MDCP in 2002, the  Fiji Military Forces  in 1978 was invited  to participate in the Staff College Programme with full funding by the Malaysian Government . This was instigated as an initial step to promote International Relations and Cooperation with the Fiji Government.

Malaysian Defence Cooperation currently provides :  one year  staff college training for one officer at Major rank.  Twenty other short courses are offered annually on various defence fields such as ;  Basic Law of Armed Conflict; Malaysian Joint Warfare Course; United Nation Military Observer Course; Train the Trainer – Gender in Peacekeeping Operation; United Nation Civil- Military Course.

The Malaysian Defence has recently approved a second seat for the one year Staff College Programme for 2015 and beyond.

About  300 Royal Fiji Military  and Fiji Navy Officers have participated in the MDCP since its  initiation in 1978,

For detail information  at website; www.malaysiandefense.com