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With Thailand


The Royal Thai Government under its technical cooperation programme is determined to cooperate with developing countries in the area of Human Resource Development  under the bilateral, multilateral, and regional cooperation frameworks for the advancement of sustainable socio–economic development  including  provision of  expertise and experiences  through the South – South Cooperation activities.

TICA implements various forms of cooperation such as the development projects including the award of more than 1,500 fellowships annually to developing countries , volunteer and expert programmes, fellowships and training programmes.

Thailand through TICA has pursued North–South–South Cooperation, also known as Partnership Cooperation, in the spirit of partnership, on cost-sharing basis between Thailand and her development partners such as France, Germany,Japan, UNDP and UNICEF for development assistance to other developing countries.

About 100 Fijian Civil Servants have participated in TICA  programme  mainly in the area of Nursing and Agriculture.

For more information and Application process  at website: www.mfa.go.th and http://tica.thaigov.net