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Visitor's Visa


Visitor's Visa

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Visa Application Form:
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Visa Requirements

1 Three(3) Passport Size Photos
2 Photocopies of relevant pages of the Passport
Travel Itinerary (Confirmation of Flight Bookings)                                               
4 Bank Statement - at least three - six months

Official letter from applicant stating:

  • Purpose of your visit to Fiji
  • Duration of stay

Letter from Sponsor in Fiji/Hotel Confirmation Booking


If you are working, a copy of your Leave letter


ORM215 fee for each visa application

The Mission is also an important player in the quality and effective implementation of initiatives and strategies of the various Outputs in our Strategic Plan and Operation Plan. The Mission is also tasked to ensure the safe custody and the effective and efficient use of all resources under its charge.


  * Visa Application  Fee is not refundable if Visa is not approved by the Fiji Government
* Duration of Visa Approval - roughly ten (10) working days to one month